The most trusted voice in health and wellbeing just became the biggest name in sleep

Women’s Health and Men’s Health has teamed up with Mammoth Group to create a retail mattress collection targeted firmly at millions of consumers who are looking to make healthy choices.

Combining the unrivalled reach and reputation of Women’s Health and Men’s Health with the expertise and credentials of Mammoth is a match made in retail heaven.

Never before has a powerhouse consumer brand of this size and reputation entered into the mattress and pillow market. And, at a time when consumers have never been more focused on their health and wellness, this collection is the perfect healthy choice.

As NHS award-winners, Mammoth Group’s heritage in healthcare and market-leading sleep technologies make it the ideal brand partner for Women’s Health and Men’s Health.  

Are you a retailer interested in stocking the Women’s Health and Men’s Health collection? Contact us today.

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