The pioneers of
Medical Grade™ foam

Unique and different to our very core

Every brand talks about being special. But Mammoth’s naturally cooling Medical Grade™ foam is genuinely superior to any other comfort technologies on the market.

Developed in healthcare to reduce pain and accelerate recovery for patients, Mammoth has evolved this material and utilised it in products that everyone can benefit from.

Why Medical Grade™ foam:

69% Faster Cooling**

46% Greater Pressure Relief***

Scientifically shown to improve Sleep!
Professor Jason Ellis

In sleep trials Mammoth’s Medical Grade™ foam has been proven to deliver a better night’s sleep.


  • Fell asleep 29% quicker
  • Experienced a 7% increase in sleep efficiency
  • Reported a 21% more enjoyable sleep 

On a Mammoth mattress compared to their own mattress*

* Tested under the guidance of Prof. Jason Ellis at Northumbria University’s Centre for Sleep Research (2012)
** Independently tested by SATRA, Global leaders in scientific research and testing of consumer products under laboratory conditions.  Tested against 50KG memory foam.
***  Independently tested by industry experts against leading healthcare beds.